In WEC 2016 World Energy Congress, Ethem Genim who is expert of advanced driving technics expressed Efficient Driving Technics for Energy Efficient Transportation to İETT drivers.

Driving properly contributes to booth family and country budget!
Ethem Genim who is project face of Energy Efficient Transportation Project, expressed Efficient Driving Technics to IETT drivers.
Remarkable 23. 2016 WEC World Energy Congress Energy Efficiency Association readily available. Has added a new chapter in the general awareness-raising activities. Energy Efficient Transport Project, the project face of advanced driving techniques expert Ethem Genim, Efficient Driving Techniques for Energy Efficiency Transportation to IETT driver on the second day of Congress. 
Energy Efficiency Association who visited the stand Genim, Every day, noting that about two thousand public transport in Istanbul cruising in traffic, IETT the driver must be followed when driving efficiency rules and told we'll get through these rules. Ethem Genim if   all of the drivers of the fuel economy, the money we threw into the street will remain in our pockets, thus, as well to family budget and national economy provide major contribution.