Project Operation

Turkey in the last 25 years, growth trends continue  the case in 2020, passenger traffic today’s level of  about 3.3 times (540 billion passenger / km), freight traffic is 2.5 times (300 billion tons / km) will come is estimated.

Given that the estimated increase in the transport sector improving the energy efficiency of work to do for a moment before realizing projects are the subject of study.


Total energy consumption in our country, which has a share of 14% in the transport sector, with productivity provider to introduce the work in this area to reduce the amount of energy consumed


The targets set under the project are as follows.

• To reduce fuel consumption of nonrenewable  energy source for motor vehicles,

• To increase the share of railways in public transport and freight transport,

• To avoid wasting unnecessary fuel in urban  transport,

• To reduce the level of emission of harmful gases released to nature.